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Rumble Tuff Easy Express 2

  • 4 Speed Settings- 2 speeds of stimulation and 2 speeds of Expression allow user to select the pumping pattern that matches your baby's growth.
  • Various Suction- 7 levels of suction for each speed, for a total of 28 levels.
  • Smooth Suction Transition- Each change of suction level transitions gradually without creating stress or shock to the nipple.
  • Double Vacuum Chamber- Achieves desired suction level faster, reduces motor noise, and extends the life of the motor.
  • Unique Waveform for Motor Driven Diaphragm Pump- Longer maximum suction time speeds up your overall suction time.
  • LED Display- Includes Visual Indicator of your desired expression speed setting.
  • Manual Pump Option- Includes the Manual Handle and Diaphragm. When power is not available, simply convert one of the Collection Kits into a Manual Pump.
  • Closed System- Each Rumble Tuff Electric Breast Pump is compatible with Collection Kits that consist of the Anti-Backflow Diaphragm, so that the tubing and pump unit are protected from milk backflow. No filter is needed.
  • Single or Double Pumping- Switches easily between double pumping and single pumping.
  • Easy to Use- Uses simple, intuitive controls and an LED display.
  • Compact Design- Cute and compact design allows for easy transportation.
  • Drying Bag- Included Drying Mesh Bag allows you to air dry the Collection Kits after cleaning.
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